As a new green lighting, LED high bay lights are becoming very popular selection for warehouse, factory, workshop lighting. And many conventional HID metal halide has been replacing to LED high bay fixture. Following to the rapidly development of China LED high bay light suppliers, China LED high bay has been highly welcomed at the global market, same time, there are many company enter into the LED market who want to share the cake. Face to such huge supplier group, customers received plenty information from suppliers with huge difference price which may have exactly same outlook. Upgrade the HID to LED need big investment, not only the cost, also the energy saving and maintenance cost which is a big decision.

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Here teach you the 6 critical factors to help you evaluate the LED high bays from China factory.

1, Lamp body quality is the most important parts which influence the lamp life span, light decay.. feature, LED high bay light heat sink usually adopt the light alloy material, high grade alloy has 1060 and 1070 which most suitable material for LED high bay.

Good quality lamp body can undertake high temperature, after special sealing and surface coating, which ensures that the lamp body will never corrode and rust in humid, high temperature and other harsh environment.

Bad quality lamp body usually use the recycle alloy, some can be recognize from it surface treatment, after anodizing treatment, the lamp body surface are very rough, some factory only use painting surface not through high temperature, which also looks like smooth, but will fade and corrode.

The lamp body quality directly influence is LED light heat dissipation effect, thus influence the light life span. With bad heat conduction, the lamp LED chip light decay quick, even cost chip dead. There is a quick and easy test way, first test the surface temperature, after 20-30minutes lighting at the use environment, if temperature low 60 degree, the lamp body quality can be acceptable. The best test way is use the light inside imaging thermal imager, which can see the insider LED chip joint temperature.

2, Light fixture: First generation LED high bay light adopt the tradition HID design, which is FIN heat sink fixture, the new generation UFO type LED high bay with the die-casting technology which with better heat dissipation effect and more uniform lighting, because new generation UFO LED high bay match optic lens make the lighting more comfortable.

Have one point need to know , some UFO type with sheet-metal processing, which make cost lower, but heat conduction effect lower, this kind of technology has the feature, lamp body is lighter and thin.

3,Chips: The mature chip choice is 3030 type from Osram, Philips Lumileds, Cree, which has optimized LED packaging structure, to achieve low light decay, high light efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection.

4, Power Supply: Now most popular type is Meanwell HBG series, If not famous brand, need select driver with silicone filling, stronger heat dissipation, waterproof IP65, high precision current constant, ensure product life longer.

5,Optic lens: New generation UFO led high bay match optic lens, compare with PC reflect, it has more lighting angle option for different lighting demand, Weshine LED high bay use the high transmittance optic lens , which make light more brighter , also come out soft light protect eyes.

6, Power wiring: roughened industrial grade copper wire, international standard three-core wire, stronger conductivity, can make light more safe and durable.

In general, evaluate from the above six aspects, you can import the quality led high bay lights from China suppliers

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