Are your LED bulbs burnt out too soon and it life span not as it advertised ?

What happen? How long do LED light really last? In theory, led lights could last up to 50,000 hours. However, really use life t is also directly influenced by other components.

The LED light really last time decide by the shortest life components. Besides, producing technology and the use environment.

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LED Chip

LED is Light Emitting Diode, life time in theory can last 100,000 hours. It can used in LED lighting after the chip packaging process.

So if the LED chip from a company don’t have a high technology packaging-tech, it will seriously affect the life span. From it packaging material, it include iron brackets, copper brackets.

It is found out from test that, the efficiency of white LED using copper brackets is higher than iron brackets, moreover, the light decay is lower about 10%. Besides, LED chips a key material is gold wires , the chip with more gold wires life time and brightness is far exceed the chip with less gold wire.

That’s why a led chip which has same outlook shape, but quality much different. Therefore , if we adopt the chip which from a company has high stand packaging skills can definitely improve the LED light use life.

Currently, the top LED chip brand major from Philips, Osram, Cree and Nicha.


LED Lighting housing (heat sink) material & design

The second key point which affect is the heat sink design, and the material difference. The ensure a LED light lasting time, it is necessary to conduct the heat out when the LED light up.

The heat conduction ability of the heat sink can make the LED light use life different several time or even tens of times.

Indoor light, such as LED tube, panel, downlight..etc. The out shape don’t have big difference in the market. So the key point is the heat sink material. For example, the tube and bulb, material has glass, PC, PC package Aluminum, and Aluminum.  The heat dissipation effect from low to high which you should know.

Besides, the Aluminum pure rate will deeply affect the heat conduct efficiency. The best suitable aluminum material for LED light heat sink is AL1070 and 6063. They are some LED light adopt the recycle aluminum and low pure aluminum, which can lower much of the cost. Same time, heat dissipation effect also will be discounted a lot.

Compare with the indoor light, outdoor light also has high design requirement to help heat conduction, not only material affect. A good heat sink design need be tested hundreds of high temperature test.

LED Driver

Whether the light uses the power supply reasonably also key point can affect its service life. Because LED is a current-driven device, if the power supply current fluctuations, or power point pulse frequency is high, will affect the life of LED light source.

The life of the power supply itself depends on whether the power supply design is reasonable or not. On the premise of reasonable design of power supply, the life of power supply depends on the life of components.

That’s why all the authority Inspection and Certification agencies has very strictly test process of the driver. Such as EU EMC, and USA UL. Which can be a very good standard to judgement the driver quality.