LED light as a power source, which is the major electricity consumption products for daily life, Therefore, the LED light dimming methods are very important, not only for a better comfortable environment in the house, but also to reduce part of electricity energy which can further achieve energy saving and carbon emission reduction. The following which the LED light manufacturer Introduce the common dimming methods of LED lights and how to dim LED lights.



Triac dimming has been used in incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps for a long time. It is also the most widely used dimming method in LED light dimming. Triac dimming method usually only need to replace the original power switch with triac dimming switch, through the rotation of the dimmer knob to achieve different brightness.

The advantages of thyristor dimming are high efficiency and stable performance. And installation cost is low, just add a triac dimmer switch, which is the most popular way of dimming for home lighting.


Switch dimming is dimming through the power switch of the original lamp, no need to add any dimmer when using or installing. Just repeatedly press the original power switch to achieve lighting dimming of different brightness.

This dimming method is the lowest cost way, only need the LED light with a inside dimmer design. Do not need to add any other dimmer.

The disadvantage of switch dimming is that it can only be tuned to three or four different levels of brightness, and can not be tuned to any brightness like a linear dimmer.



The simulation dimmer needs to be connected with a 1-10V dimmer switch when it is installed and connected with a set of 1-10V dimmer signal lines to the LED lamp driver for dimming. Although this dimming dimming effect is ideal, but the installation of wiring is complex, which is its biggest defect. Besides, 1-10V is no switch on/off function, can not be turned off the lights. Now, 0-10V dimming way is wildely use for office lighting , such as the office LED linear light



PWM dimming also can be called digital dimming, it can be made by digital programming in the form of wireless network dimming 0-100% , dimming effect is good, the whole design and installation cost is high, can be used in intelligent occasions which with higher requirements.


The DALI dimming has defined as a DALI network, including the largest 64 units (independently addressed), 16 groups and 16 scenarios. Different lighting units on DALI bus can be flexibly grouped to achieve different scene control and management. A typical DALI controller can control up to 40 to 50 lamps, which can be divided into 16 groups, and can handle some actions in parallel. In a DALI network, 30 to 40 control instructions can be processed per second.

DALI is not a real point-to-point network, it is a control ballast instead of 1-10V voltage interface. Compared with the 1-10V dimming, the advantage of DALI is that each node has a unique address code, and the signal attenuation will not occur at a longer distance, but this distance should not exceed 200 meters .

The disadvantages of DALI is the complex signal line design and connect, together wwith the highly cost.


DMX512 dimming most be used at outdoor RGB color lighting change, Usually the power supply and the controller are designed together. The DMX512 controller controls 8-24 lines and drive the RBG line of LED llight directly. However, in the construction lighting project, due to the weakness of the DC line, it is required to install a controller in about each 12 meters. The control bus is a parallel mode. Therefore, it has many of routes controller.

In many cases, it can not even be constructed. The receiver of DMX512 needs to set an address so that it can receive dimming instructions clearly, which is very inconvenient in practical application. Multiple controllers are interconnected to control complex lighting schemes, and the design of operation software is also complicated.

Therefore, DMX512 is more suitable for the occasion where lamps are concentrated together, such as stage lighting. In summary, the main disadvantage of DMX controller is that it needs special wiring layout and type, and needs certain programming to set basic color and scene, which is more costly for later maintenance.