shipping containerThis is guide articles for whom are considering start a home online LED business on Amazon, Ebay, Shopify..ect. Compare with the big importers, distributors who can invest high cost hire stuff to visit different kinds fair to find china led lights supplier, directly come to China sourcing or hire a local Chinese sourcing agent, Obviously, small business and new entrepreneur, how much you can driver your sourcing cost down is the most important and top priority at the beginning of your business.

“Why should I buy LED lights from China?” Maybe many business owner will ask. Actually, many successful business man, their first product will import from China, because China as the “World factory”, can help you save a lot of purchasing cost and make your brands competitive in the market. At Youtube has a video which has 5millions views, which a share her successful experience on Amazon with her products import from China. Which help her Makes $40,000 Per Month on Amazon at 23 Years Old

So, Following this guide, I will teach you how to find China LED lights supplier Online with zero cost. The post will be broken down in 3 section, B2B platform, Dropshippers marketplaces, and search engine.

China Top 3 B2B platform, China Suppliers Directories- Alibaba, Global source, Made in China.


Alibaba, Global source and Made in China are the top 3 B2B marketplaces, you can as use the online china suppliers directory where you can get thousands of vendor’s contact info and products info very quickly. And don’t have communication gap, At least, You could type or speck English with vendors.

Just simply type the keyword what you are looing for in the searching bar, Alibaba will show tons of related wholesalers contact info, and product price range for your reference with minimum order quantity request.

Same way on global source and made in china to find the suppliers. In addition, Alibaba offers a service called “trade assurance” so buyers don’t worry to get scammed.

Compare with Global source and Made in China, Alibaba have more wholesalers, and MOQ is low. Global source and Made in China generally much higher than Alibaba. Usually Global source vendors vetting process are more strictly. Which easy to attract more big company.

Drop shipping Chinese supplier marketplaces, Aliexpress and DHGate 

Following to the shopify e-commerce mode quickly development,  more small business get the opportunity start their own business with very few invest, Aliexpress and DHgate will be the perfectly place you can find the china led lights suppliers and other suppliers. Almost all the supplier on this two platform support 1pcs drop shipping, when you get order from your e-commerce site, you can make a purchase from Aliexpress or Dhgate, they will handle and ship the goods to your designated address which can be your customer receiving address. Besides, all the suppliers support refund guarantee on all purchases. And the purchasing cost just a bit higher than wholesaler price.

Google Searching

Google is the biggest and most popular search engine in the word, many Chinese led lights company do optimization for their official website on it. And many company don’t like list their product on B2B marketplace, where easy to involve in price competition and new private design will be copy soon if put it among to such big quantity company in same industry.

So google will be the ideal site to display their brand and products. Search the China LED supplier is very easy on google.  If you don’t show marketplace site , you can search with key words like : china led light manufactures or China led light suppliers -alibaba -globalsource


China relying on the huge demographic dividend, keeping the manufacturing cost at a relatively low level, which make sense to buy led lights from China.

As a result, if you have a right sourcing strategy to find the China led lights supplier. You can save a lot of time and money on sourcing. Also get higher margins.

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