The Complete Guide for Pick Up LED High bay light Supplier and Buy From China.

Due to the low carbon, energy saving and long life span advantages, LED lights are widely accept and promoted to use at many countries and regions. Following the world LED lighting technology sharply development. LED high bay lights price are much lower than before when it just launched to the market. Especially in China market, LED high bay light price already near to other lights, which attract many countries business owner buy and import LED high bay from China.

Because of LED high bay light booming development, hundreds of LED light companies increase every years. Besides, the clients and market grade much different, cause the LED light manufacturer also produced many different quality grade led high bay light, usually, a same type high bay lights can make with many different price with different grade material. if you don’t know how to evaluate and pick, it is very difficult to find a good supplier for your business. Here we will discuss a series way to guide you find the suitable led high bay for you needs and reliable led high bay manufacture in China for boosting your business.

Why is LED high bay light not other lights?

When we talk pick a good led high bay supplier, we move to why people like led high bay light and why many countries government encourage enterprise and household upgrade their traditional HPS/MHL to LED.

LED high bay light use the 4th generation light source, compare to other light source, such as Incandescent lamp, High pressure sodium lamp, High pressure mercury lamp, Electrodeless lamp, It has below advantages.

Safety: LED high bay light source use the low voltage power supply, The volt for single led chip only 1.9-4V, It is more safety than high pressure power supply light.

Lumens: LED light is brightest lighting source ever, which already reach to 161lm/w in the lab test. Which is 2-3 times higher than past light source, 5 times than traditional lamps.

Durable: Leds are solid state light sources, compare to past gas state and liquid state, with well seismic performance

Lasting Time: LED has long life span which can last 50,000 hours, and it light decay less than 15% with 30,000 hours. Incandescent Lamp usually life span no more than 1,000 hours, fluoresent lamps lifetime about 2500-3500 hours, the longest life traditional lamp-energy saving lamp is 8,000 hours.  LEDs life time is 6 times than others.

Starting time: The response time of the led lamp is nanosecond, which is the fastest response time of all the time.

Electricity Cost: LED high bay is the most cost-effective warehouse and factory lighting solution, which can transfer 90% power for lighting. Incandescent lamps convert 90% of the energy consumed into useless heat energy. And Fluorescent lamps, emit ultraviolet light by the discharge of Mercury Atoms in the tube. About 60% of the electricity consumed can be converted into unvisible ultraviolet light. ENERGY-SAVING LAMPS compare to the incandescent and fluorescent lamp has higher lumen output and longer life span, However, the environmental pollution caused by mercury pollution is very serious. 

The kinds of led high bay light on the market, and how to choose.

Weshine LED Highbay light

In today’s market, there are major three types led high bay, led high bay with reflector, LED Linear high bay light, UFO shape led high bay.


The UFO led high bay is the most widely used, because it easy to installation and big lighting area design with lens, higher lighting efficiency. And design more small and thin, easy to ship.

The led high bay with reflector and linear high bay, lighting angle and efficiency are not brighter as the UFO type. And same grade or material LED high bay light, SMD chip design is better than COB chip, SMD chip has big lighting are and better for heat dissipation, COB chip insufficient heat dissipation, lighting is glare. Most COB chip used in downlight for shop lighting, which want bright at specific area.


While confirm the type of high bay needed, the final step is confirm the wattage to use, there are some blog articles give some data which says installation height match different lumen, actually it is not exactly right, because different workplace request different foot candle. There has two way to select LED high bay wattage. The easy and quickly way is that calculate the LED power according to is traditional high pressure lamp, usually 100W led high bay can replace 200W traditional lamp. If lighting area is new or need new lighting design, the best way is use lighting design software and lighting IES file to simulation to confirm the power, this software Dialux is a very professional tool.


Why a same shape LED high bay light has big different price from different supplier?

The complete guide for selection and evaluate.

In theory, leds have a long life, but in practice, many light led light die very quickly. Because of the barrel effect, the life of the led light is determined by the part which with the shortest life. So when select the led high bay manufacturer in china, need know each part of the led high bay.

Radiator and Housing: LED chip lumen efficiency is much higher than traditional lamps. But at present, LED can’t convert 100% electric energy to light energy, still has a part of electric to heat energy. And LED chip performance and life service will be affected a lot by heat, so the housing is a important part decide the LED high bay light temperature.  If poor heat dissipation will greatly shorten the life of LED lights. It is very important point to evaluate the led light quality, For material, it better to adopt the AL1070 aluminum. Beside, heat sink design also will affect the heat conduction effect. Below photo is from Weshine test lab, with the professional test machine, can check the real led high bay inside temperature to confirm whether the heat conduct to the air.


LED Chip: Low quality leds are even less power efficient than CFL, poor leds usually can work well very short time, usually half year to one year, will pay more on maintenance and change.

From Europe, United States, Japan leds chip brand ( Cree, Philips Lumileds, Osram, Nichia) vs South Korea chip (Samsung, Seoul) vs Taiwan chip (Epstar) vs China domestic chip(Sanan), Grade from high to low, optical efficiency is also high to low. Besides, the smaller the MIL size, the more difficult it is to dissipate heat and more quick to fail. It is not easy to confirm a led chip quality in short time, so it is wise to choose the well-known brand to avoid future risk.

Power supply: Single LED is usually DC 1.0-3.5V, and world electricity usually is AC100-277V, this need a transformer which most called by power supply. Power supply major designed with constant voltage and constant current, there are many factory who always says ”their own brand driver” which just use the driver IC factory material and assembly, the quality always cant be assure. It is better too select brand driver, because power supply is perishable material part of led high bay light, and the shortest life part of led light, so a led power supply quality directly affect the led high bay lasting life.

Conclusion: Above factors are what to consider to evaluate to select a led high bay light manufacturer from China, the most important is check what material the company use on it, then decide which supplier according it.