Weshine HBO led high bay lightHigh bay lighting are widely used in daily life and working, such as the stadium, GYM and warehouse, factory workshop. As the best high-performance cold lighting source, LED high bay light has become the best choice for the large scale industrial plant and GYM lighting energy saving upgrade. Why LED high bay is so widely used, How to replace HID (metal halide) with LED high bay and the benefits  Below is the completely comparison and analysifrom Weshine Technology-the LED high bay manufacturer in China.

1. LED High Bay Introduce

1.1, The brightness of LED high bay light twice times bright than traditional metal halide. And LED high bay lighting color is gentle and easy to accept. The service life is between 35,000 and 50,000 hours. When the lamp starts, LED high bay turn on immediately , it does not need to wait for it to turn on. In case of damage, it can be repaired (traditional halide lamp damage can not be reused). It is not only very energy-saving but also more environmentally friendly. At present, LED high bay lights are widely used in many industrial enterprises, and the application effect is well received by customers.

1.1, The LED high bay body is made of high-strength die-casting aluminum material. The surface is electrostatic spraying anti-aging painting. With strongly ability of self-cleaning and anti-corrosive . New type LED high bay light structure design is more fashion and light, easy installation together with excellently decorative effect.

The humanized structure design makes the installation and maintenance of LED high bay easier compare to metal halide, and it is suitable for more various applications.

1.3, LED high bay use well-known brands LED chips, energy-saving as high as 60% or more. The life of LED lights is 5-10 times longer than traditional lamps, which is almost maintenance-free. There is no need to change the light source and ballast frequently. Green environment-friendly semiconductor light source, soft light, pure spectrum, is conducive to workers’ visual protection and health.

Light emitting diode (LED), As the fourth generation lighting source has many advantages;

1.3.1 Lumen efficiency: The lighting spectrum is almost entirely transform to the visible lighting, the efficiency can reach 80% – 90%. Traditional lamp only 10%-20% convert to visible lighting.

1.3.2 High light quality: There is no ultraviolet and infrared ray in the spectrum, there is no heat and no radiation. LED is the typical green lighting source.

1.3.3 Long lifetime: The standard lifetime of light decay to 70% is 40,000 hours. Which means an LED light can normally be used for 8 years for 12-15hours lighting per day.

1.3.4 Reliable and durable: no tungsten wire, glass and other easily damaged parts, abnormal scrap rate is very small, maintenance costs are extremely low.

1.3.5 Green & environmental protection: recyclable, pollution-free, and does not contain mercury like high-pressure mercury lamps.

1.3.6 Very short response time: suitable for frequent switching and high frequency operation occasions.

2. Light comparison; LED high bay VS metal halide

2.1 Traditional HID, Metal halide lamps are not allowed to start frequently. Because the filament of the lamp is impacted by high voltage every time the lamp is started, the starting current is 2-3 times that of the normal ignition. Starting accelerates the consumption of electronic emission substances on the filament. When the electronic emission substances on the filament are exhausted, the lamp’s life will end.

LED high bay light energy saving, low power consumption, high light efficiency
The LED lamp has high luminous efficiency. The power of a single LED chip is 0.06-1 W. It is driven by DC. The driving voltage of a single LED chip is 1.5-3.5 V. The current is 15-18 mA. The reaction speed is fast and it can be operated at high frequency. With the same lighting effect, the power consumption half of traditional high bay lamp.

2.2 Traditional HID, Metal halide lamps Shorter service life which is about 3000 hours; At present, the longest service life of the most popular metal halide lamp is only 5000 hours.

LED light is called longevity lamp, its light source is solid cold light source, epoxy resin packaging, there is no loose part in the lamp body, there is no filament light burning, thermal deposition and other shortcomings, the service life can reach 50,000 to 10,000.
80,000 hours, 10 times longer than the life of traditional light source.

2.3 LED high bay light do not produce noise and are the best choice for the use of precision electronic instruments factory, workshop.

2.4 Traditional high bay will produce a lot of thermal energy, not environmentally friendly; in addition, it will cause the lamp accelerated aging.

LED light is driven by low voltage, low current, stable luminescence, less heat, cold light source, safe touch, belongs to the typical green light source.

2.5 Traditional industrial lamps use alternating current, so stroboscopic flashes occur 100-120 times per second. LED light is a direct conversion of alternating current to direct current. It will not produce flicker phenomenon and protect eyes. The 6000K cold light source gives people a refreshing sense of vision, which helps to concentrate and improve working efficiency.

2.6 LED high bay do not produce ultraviolet light, so they do not have many mosquitoes around the lamp like traditional lamps. The light interior will be cleaner and tidier.

3. Scheme of replacing traditional HID, metal halide with LED high bay lighting

The metal halide 250-watt are replaced with 120w  LED high bay. The 400-watt are replaced with 200w high bay led light.

Upgrade to LED high bay, 120W led highbay, the horizontal spacing between the two lamps should be about 5 meters and the vertical spacing should be about 4 meters; in the area of 200W high bay, the horizontal spacing between the two lamps should be about 6 meters and the vertical spacing should be about 5 meters.

4. LED high bay and metal halide energy cost compare.

Take 200W as an example, LED high bay light has high lighting efficiency, 200W LED highbay can replace 400W Metal Halide Lamp.