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UV Sanitizer Box

Ozone sterilization is a bacteriolytic method. It has the advantages of complete sterilization, no residue, broad-spectrum sterilization, killing bacterial propagules, spores, viruses, fungi, etc., and destroying botulinum toxin.
In addition, Ozone can kill mold.

Because of its poor stability, Ozone will soon decompose into oxygen or a single oxygen atom, and a single oxygen atom can combine to form an oxygen molecule without any toxic residue. Therefore, Ozone is a non-polluting disinfectant. Ozone is a kind of gas, which can quickly diffuse into the whole sterilization space without a dead angle.

Traditional methods of sterilization and disinfection are not complete, dead angle, residual pollution or odor, and may damage human health.

If you only use ultraviolet disinfection, there is no effect in the light of the place, there is the recession, weak penetration, service life is not long, and so on.

UV Sanitizer Box UV Sanitizer Box

Shell MaterialABS+PP
Shell ColorBlack, White
ProductUV Sanitizer Box
Input VoltageDC5V
Ozone Power0.2W
USB Output5V
Ozone Concentration10mg/h
Ozone Disinfection TimeAbout 20mins
Product N.W460g
Product G.W516g
Product Size12*12*20cm
Unit Packing Size12.5*12.5*21cm
Outer Packing Size52*39.5*24.5cm
Packing Quantity12pcs
Packing N.W6.2kg
Packing G.W7.0kg
Spare PartsUSB Cable+Manual
CertificationsCE ROHS FCC


Connect the USB power cord to the computer, power pack, or power plug DC 5V to supply power to the device.

White light: touch “” to turn white light on / off; touch and hold “” to change the brightness of light. Touch “” to turn on RGB and turn off the white light.

RGB light: short press “” to turn on RGB, continuous short press “” to switch RGB; press “” to freely switch RGB, short press “” to turn off RGB.

Charging and disinfection functions

After connecting the power supply, open the mobile phone cover, connect the USB 5V output port of the product with the mobile phone USB cable, and connect the other end to the mobile phone. Put the cell phone in the disinfection tank to charge the phone, and then close the cover. The charging current depends on the external USB 5V output current.

Short press “” key, turn on ozone disinfection, the indicator light is on, after about 20 minutes, it will automatically go out, the indicator light will go out. If the disinfection function is turned on, short press the “” key, the disinfection will be turned off and the indicator light will be off. Press again to turn on the disinfection function again. Disinfection started again after 20 minutes.

UV Sanitizer Box

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