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1,Fashinable design with high heat conduction AL1070 aluminum cord penadnt Tri proof LED linear light for home and office indoor lighting.

2, Advanced LED lighting technology,NO Infrared,UV,Mercury polution.

3, High brightness Samsung/Osram 2835 SMD LED Solid light source,high CRI90 ,Low light decay,no potential risk to fade the color for lighting.

4, 85% Energy saving, compared with conventional fluorescent tube.

5, 50000H lifespan, Aluminum with PC construction no potential risk of broken for transportation. Match with fasten stainless steel cord , easy to installation.

6, High transmittance PC diffuser,lighting bright and uniform.

7, Quick response,adapt flicking free driver, No flicking , No dazzle, input voltage range AC100-270V.

Weshine led triproof light WSL099 Weshine led triproof light WSL099

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