Project Description


1, Advantages: Low THD + high PF + No flash;

2, Environmental friendly;

3, Long lifespan 50000 hours;

4, LM-80 SMD LED light source, high bright light;

5, Superb structure, excellent thermal management;

6, Microwave sensor, more sensitive than than PIR sensor in detecting;

7, More sensor options: 100-25%, 100-0%;

8, Wide detecting range: >180 degree, >8meters;

9, IP65, waterproof;


1. Microwave motion sensor: on/off sensor, dimmable sensor

2. 0-10V dimming, triac dimming, DALI dimming

3. 90 minutes, 120 minutes, 180 minutes emergency battery

4. 347V, 480V transformer

Weshine led vapor light Weshine led vapor light

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