Location: China.

Application: Stadium for different kinds of sports.

Products type used: 500W led stadium light .

LED Stadium Light Project

Location: Haifa, Israel.

Application: Office, Industry buidling, workshop

Products Used & QTY: Office–led panel light 110pcs, UFO type LED high bay light 150W–120PCS,  200w–70pcs, 200W LED flood light–80pcs

Location: Tianjin, China.

Application: Motocycle Showroom

Procuts used & QTY: 50w led high bay 300pcs for  5 chain shop.

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Apllication: Office & Parking Lot

Products Type & QTY Used:  LED downlight 1500pcs, LED gille light 800pcs, LED linear light 300pcs.

Location: Barcelona, Spain.

Application:  Super market

Products Type & Quantity: 700pcs 120cm 22W led tube and 450pcs led downlights, 200pcs led linear light

Location: CA, USA.

Application: warehouse for instore Amazon goods.

Products type and QTY used: 150W led high bay light 650pcs.