Project Case

Below is part of our project which our clients use Weshine LED lights, we dont install the project, we provide LED ligting solution — the led lights meet project ennergy saving , lumen output and life span request,  we also provide Dialux(lighting simulation) to give our client the lighting deisgn reference.

Kindly note, we take care the private information for each of our client, therfore we only display part of client who prefer to share their project photos to us, and we strictly follow the NDA(confidentiality agreement), We will not disclosure our client information unless they agree.

Location: Palama, Italy

Application: LED Vapor

Products Used & QTY: 60W LED vapor light 260pcs

Location: Palama, Italy

Application: Football sports court

Products Used & QTY: 600W LED stadium light 24pcs

Location: Haifa, Israel.

Application: Office, Industry buidling, workshop

Products Used & QTY: Office–led panel light 110pcs, UFO type LED high bay light 150W–120PCS,  200w–70pcs, 200W LED flood light–80pcs

Location: Tianjin, China.

Application: Motocycle Showroom

Procuts used & QTY: 50w led high bay 300pcs for  5 chain shop.

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Apllication: Office & Parking Lot

Products Type & QTY Used:  LED downlight 1500pcs, LED gille light 800pcs, LED linear light 300pcs.

Location: CA, USA.

Application: warehouse for instore Amazon goods.

Products type and QTY used: 150W led high bay light 650pcs.