If search on Quora “ Do you know the top China LED lighting company ? ”  you can get many answers with hundreds of “largest” LED light china supplier.  But how to prove ?  Is there any way can get a authority answer?  Yes, Below we find the 2018 China LED light company export data from  China Custom statistics,  Which can get top 10 largest LED light manufacturing company in China.

The question who ask for that most for know China led lighting market well and looking for a reliable supplier and import led lights from China  . If this is what you are looking, you must read China LED Light Manufacturer: Complete Analysis (2019 update)

Let’s back to the top list, from the data, Guangdong Province is the largest led light export province. The top three provinces in 2018 were Guangdong Province, Zhejiang Province and Fujian Province. The export volume of Guangdong Province accounted for 45.38 percent of China’s total export volume, down nearly 6 percentage points compared with last year, and the export volume amounted to us $6.776 billion, down 11.86 percent compared with the same period last year. The export volume of Zhejiang Province was 3.64 billion US dollars, up 4.48 percent year-on-year, accounting for 1 percentage point higher. Fujian Province, in third place, exported us $1.682 billion, up 3.36 percent year on year and accounting for 0.4 percentage points more. Next came Jiangsu Province, Shanghai City, Jiangxi Province and Sichuan Province, of which the export volume of Sichuan Province increased significantly, with a year-on-year growth rate of 126.87% .

Company Export Situation-Largest LED Light Suppliers in China

According to available customs data, there were 9,494 enterprises exporting led lights in 2018, seven of which exported more than US $100 million. The top three manufacturers are LEEDARSON LIGHTING, Xiamen Yankon Energetic Lighting Co., Ltd and FSL-Foshan Electrical And Lighting Co.,Ltd. Below is other detail.

2018 Top 10 Led Lighting Products Export company of China


One of the production bases of LEEDARSON Group, the company has always focused on electronic energy-saving lamps, LED lamps, smart lighting, lighting and other photoelectric lighting products R & D, production and sales. The company’s lighting products to indoor lighting mainly, LED bulb most.

Main Export Product: LED BULB LAMP

Main Export Markets: USA, Germany

2, Xiamen Yankon Energetic Lighting Co., Ltd

It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the listed company Zhejiang Yankon Lighting Electric Group Co. , Ltd. . Xiamen Yankon is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of LED lighting products.

Main export products: LED Bulb, LED TUBE LIGHT

Major Export Markets: USA, France, Poland

3, FSL-Foshan Electrical And Lighting Co.,Ltd

Founded in 1958, FSL to develop and manufacture a variety of LED lighting products and other high-efficiency lighting products as the core. At present, the company has Foshan Chancheng District headquarters and Nanhai, Gaoming, Henan Xinxiang, Jiangsu Nanjing five production bases.

Main export products: LED Bulb, LED TUBE


4, Xiamen Topstar Lighting Co.,Ltd

Established in May 1997, it is a wholly-owned state-owned enterprise of Xiamen Light Industry Group Co. , Ltd. . Mainly engaged in energy-saving electric light products, lighting appliances, plastic products research, development, production and management.



XIAMEN LONGSTARLIGHTING CO.,LTD. is a Foreign-Capital Enterprise, founded in 1997, headquartered in Xiamen, Fujian Province, mainly produces electronic energy-saving lamps, Electrical ballast and other environmental protection energy-saving products.

Main Export Product: LED BULB

Major Export Markets: USA, Canada

6, TCP-Technical Consumer Products

Shanghai TCP. was registered and established in Shanghai Industrial and commercial bureau on December 26,1995. The company’s business scope includes the production of Electrical ballast, automotive anti theft devices, lamps and components.

Main Export Product: BALL BULB LAMP


7, ZheJiang Klite Lighting Holdings CO.,LTD 

Founded on August 14,2003, business scope includes general business items: Electronic Energy Saving Lamps, electronic transformers, Electrical ballast, new electronic components (chip components, sensing components and sensors, frequency control and selection components, hybrid integrated circuits) and other lighting products.

Main Export Product: LED BULB

8, Sengled

Sengled was registered and established in Jiaxing on 24 February 2000. The company’s business scope includes lighting appliances, electric light source devices, lighting accessories production, sales, etc. .

Main Export Product: LED BULB


9, NingBo Klite Lighting Holdings CO.,LTD

NingBo Klite Lighting Holdings CO.,LTD. was registered and established in Beilun District, Ningbo on 14 August 2003. The company’s business scope includes general business items: LED lighting appliances and other lighting products.

Main Export Product: LED BALL


10, Aztech Systems Ltd

Aztech Systems Ltd was incorporated in Dongguan on 30 December 2001. The company’s business scope includes the production and sale of LED lighting, Data Communications multimedia system equipment, speakers, audio, and so on.




From the above export report can be seen, the export volume of top 10 largest LED light manufacturing company in China is extremely large, Did you found most of them sell the common and huge market demand products. They have the  advantages  long history, product maturity, deep brand heritage. The disadvantage is that there is no flexibility, it is unlikely to accept small orders, and it is difficult to make customized products for customers.

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