Today’s global commercial LED lighting market, the LED linear lighting strips fittings is becoming a rapidly growing trends for home, warehouse, super market and office decoration. The linear light fixtures has below advantages.

1, More easy transportation and storage, compare with the panel light and tube, linear light major housing is aluminum, tubes and panel large part of material is PMMA. Which is fragile, very easy broken on the way of shipping. Besides, PMMA will turn to light yellow color if long time use or storage.

2, linear led lighting has higher lumen efficiency, linear fixture design make it can put more LED even same length as LED tube.

3, Better lighting uniform, LED linear light with LENS cover linear type, also can add optic lens .

Which better solve the lighting glare compare with the LED downlight.

4, Good heat conduction, as above talked , linear fixture fitting has more aluminum which make it heat sink more thick and weight. Then, heat dissipation is better.

Weshine LED linear light

In order to exported a complete series linear lighting to global market, Weshine invest 800,000USD every year since 2013 for LED linear light manufacturing and developing. Now let’s introduce the different series of LED linear lighting.

Suspended Linear LED Light Fixture

The most popular LED linear lighting fittings, which is stainless steel cord suspended. No need open holes on roof, can be install any place . And it can be linkeable for different. Which is a perfect lighting solution for supermarket and office lighting.

Linear Recessed LED Ceiling Light Fixture

Which design for home lighting, because personal house roof always short than commercial building. The recessed LED linear lighting will be the perfect choice.

Tri-proof LED Linear Light Fixture

For warehouse , workshop and parking lot, we have design the tri-proof linear led lighting.

Tri-proof means moisture proof, dust-proof, and anti-fire.

Advantages of Weshine LED Linear Light


  • Housing adopt AL1070 high heat conduction aluminum, with quickly heat conduction.
  • S” grade LED light source which with LM80, CRI>80.
  • Hight lumen efficiency, weshine use the low grade current of the LED chip by add more LEDs quantity, which make the LED chip has longer life time and higher lumen efficiency.
  • Wide range AC100-270V LED driver, CE EMC, SAA, TUV, certified. Which is flicking-free. Never use the plastic box driver and naked IC driver.


Weshine as a top level China led light manufacturer has service the high standard lighting solution in global market many years, 80% of sales from the market such as USA, UK, Spain and Italy. The most popular LED lighting include the LED linear light, LED high bay light and LED stadium light. Check out the LED Lighting Catalog get the zero complaint high efficiency LED lighting solution.